Walking in God’s favor

What does walking in God's favor look like?


The “D” Word.

The "D" word for the day is Discipline. In disciplining your children, how do you go about determining what works? How do you keep from repeating generational forms of discipline that didn't necessarily work with you? I am still learning how to go about disciplining my toddler. She is 20 months and at the point [...]


This is how God works ya'll. I am telling you. It is just that simple and he speaks just like that. He was telling me that he STILL has me. 365 days, imperfections, continuing to work through my trauma...he STILL has me. This is true relationship with God. This is Christianity, Religion....your walk in it's most simple form. God encouraging me out of an almost depression with my favorite show. This is walking with Christ.

A love letter to Daddy God❤️

God spends most of his word letting us know that he is delighted to hear from us. He is delighted to give us the desires of our hearts. He is delighted to listen to our thoughts, big and small, he is delighted to listen to us vent and work through frustration with him. He is [...]